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A blog dedicated to all of those old photos you find and want to show the rest of the world, be them very old family pictures from times gone by or pictures of old places or objects.

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Hi Guys, 

Just wanted to share with you this lovely note left for me on the blog on Wednesday. 


and good afternoon. I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday. 

My husband and I love your site pretty old photos. We wanted to reach out because we recently added it to our list of the 90+ best found/vernacular photography sites on the interwebs. Thank you so much for all of your work in finding, scanning, and sharing these photos of the genre we love. We have a ton of admiration and respect for you and what you do. 

We hope you enjoy!

andrew & heidi

This really put a smile on my face. I already love posting up my lost and found photos anyway, but this makes me feel like I’m not just doing it for me, that someone else is enjoying it. So, thank you Andrew and Heidi, and thank you to everyone who follows or even happens upon this blog every so often. You’ve made my day!

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